Your Part­ner for clini­cal rese­arch in ENT, aller­go­logy and Sleep Medicine.

As expert for mucosa measu­re­ments in the mouth, nose and throat we conduct clini­cal studi­ens with medi­cinal products and medi­cal devices.

We guaran­tee high quality data for a clear proof of effi­cacy and excel­lent claims!

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Clini­cal rese­arch services 

Design, mana­ging and conduct clini­cal trials of medi­cinal products and medi­cal devices 

Our inves­ti­ga­tor site 

Inves­ti­ga­tors with a strong expe­ri­ence in otorhi­no­la­ryn­go­logy and allergology 

medi­cal writing 

Medi­cal Writing offers by scien­ti­fic experts 

Marke­ting Consulting 

Rx ENT Health­care Consul­ting. Posi­tio­ning and Stra­tegy developement 

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Airway Mucosa measurement 

We are the experts for soft tissue measu­re­ments in the upper airways. Present us your product and we will chose the best method for a convin­cing proof-of-effectiveness. 

Health­care applications 

We are plan­ning your study for your appli­ca­tion remains reim­bur­sed. We would be plea­sed to provide you with an indi­vi­dual offer. 

ENT medi­cal prac­tice and hospital 

Through its close coope­ra­tion with the affi­lia­ted ENT surgery and hospi­tal, our pati­ents, subjects and spon­sors benifit. 

HNO med. Nord 

The HNO med. Nord ist the biggest commu­nity of ENT specia­lists in nothern Germany. Learn more about this strong ENT network. 

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