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study design

study design

we desgin and manage your study

We support and accom­pany you profes­sio­nally from the first project idea about the plan­ning and conduc­tion of your study. Due to our direct affi­lia­tion with one of the largest ENT prac­ti­ces in Germany, we can opti­mally solve clini­cally rele­vant ques­ti­ons directly and in the early plan­ning phase. 

Studies must be mana­ged well. You will be accom­pa­g­nied by a project mana­ger of our medi­cal team who is expe­ri­en­ced in the design of studies. The project mana­ger is available to you at any time and keeps you always up to date on your project. Our system insu­res your “spon­sor overview”. 

We work with SOPs (Stan­dard Opera­ting Proce­du­res) in all steps of the study from plan­ning to publi­ca­tion. In this way we guaran­tee you the consis­t­ently highest level of data and process quality. 

Our services at a glance: 

  • design of study protocols
  • scien­ti­fic and regu­la­tory advice
  • biosta­tis­tics (by exter­nal partner) 
  • project manage­ment
  • data manage­ment
  • moni­to­ring (by exter­nal partner)

You don’t need all? No problem, we offer each module of a clini­cal study as a single service. 

study conduct

study conduct

our own trial center is the heart of our company

The speci­fic feature of HNO reseach is that we operate our own trial center. Thanks to our affi­lia­tion with one of the largest ENT prac­ti­ces in Germany, we address and recruit our own pati­ents, even with rare dise­a­ses. In contrast to univer­sity trial centers, we avoid cumber­some admi­nis­tra­tive proces­ses and can start recrui­ting more quickly. All steps during the conduc­tion of a study are regu­la­ted by SOPs. In this way we ensure the highest possi­ble data quality.

Our inves­ti­ga­tio­nal site is equip­ped with the most modern exami­na­tion faci­li­ties. This enables us to carry out clini­cal studies in all areas of ENT medi­cine and aller­go­logy. With our own sleep labo­ra­tory we can also carry out sleep medi­cine studies (e.g. with medi­cal products). 

One focus of our work is the func­tional analy­sis of the respi­ra­tory mucous membra­nes. This means that we are exclu­si­vely able to pcon­duct perfor­mance measu­re­ments, e.g. of throat lozen­ges or nose sprays.

Medi­cal Writing

Medi­cal Writing

profes­sio­nal medi­cal writing tail­o­red to your requirements

Our team of medi­cal writers and ENT specia­lists can design and write clini­cal study proto­cols suited to your requi­re­ments and speci­fi­ca­ti­ons. In addi­tion to proto­col deve­lo­p­ment, we can support you with regu­la­tory writing of various clini­cal docu­ments, including

  • clini­cal study protocols
  • clini­cal study reports
  • lite­ra­ture summa­ries, clini­cal expert state­ments Zcli­ni­cal expert opinions
  • clini­cal evalua­tion reports (CER)
  • biolo­gi­cal risk assems­sment (BRA) 
  • module 4 und 5 (eCTD)
  • publi­ca­ti­ons

marke­ting consulting

marke­ting consulting

drive the success of your product

Your product has the Rx target group ENT specia­list, are you plan­ning a market launch or would you like to increase sales of your product? HNO rese­arch supports you in 

  • market analy­sis
  • KOL targe­ting and KOL management
  • prepa­ring your product launch
  • posi­tio­ning and deve­lo­ping the key messages
  • inten­si­fi­ca­tion of the key messa­ges of your product when repositioning
  • opti­miza­tion of your meeting documents
  • medi­cal review of your marke­ting materials

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